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The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

As most of us know there are so many benefits that come from reading to your children. The more obvious ones are improving a child’s language skills and helping with their letter and sound recognition. There are more benefits in which we may not consider when thinking about the good that comes from reading to children.

Reading a story sparks your child’s imagination, it allows for their creativity to be developed. We know how great the child’s imagination can be and with reading the children can extend on this imagination. Try asking your child to read the book to you? If they are younger let them read it after you’ve read it. This allows the child to use their imaginative skills as well as their language and comprehension skills. The story may be completely different to the one that you read but this is what the children like.

Modelling to children how to hold the book, turn the pages and look after the book shows children how to value books. You may think that all your toddler or child does is throw books around or flick through the pages. With consistency, your child will develop the concentration skills needed to sit and listen to a story. It becomes a part of their day and by making it a fun experience the children begin to enjoy the quiet time of reading more.

So, grab a cushion or a comfy spot on the couch or in their bed. Get the child to choose a story and start reading to your children. At first it may be 5 minutes before they lose interest, but any amount of time will benefit them. It is also a great time to just ‘be’ with your child.

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