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Sun Safety Reminder

As the weather is starting to warm up and with Summer fast approaching it is vital to remember how important sun safety is; to ensure children can engage in fun, sun safe outdoor play throughout the day, there are five simple steps to follow during daily outdoor activities:

1. Slip on cool, covering clothing that at least covers the shoulders as they are one of the places on the body, which is commonly sunburnt.

2. Slop on SPF 30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the number beside it indicates how well the sunscreen protects skin against sunburn. It is not an indicator of how long you can stay out in the sun, rather, it indicates how much longer it takes untanned skin to start to redden with sunscreen applied compared to how long it takes to start reddening without it. Ensure you apply a generous amount and keep reapplying it every 2 hours.

3. Slap on a wide brimmed hat that shades the face, neck, ears and eyes. Baseball hats or caps don’t measure up so leave those for special occasions!

4. Seek shade – try a shady tree, verandah, pergola or shade sail, umbrella or even a sun tent. Taking a break from playing outdoors is important; not only will it cool down the body temperature but will also give the children the opportunity to reapply sunscreen and hydrate with some water.

5. Slide on some sunglasses where practical. They should be labelled as UV protection/ certified; as appealing as some fancy sunglasses can be it is important to ensure we check for uv protection as the sun can also cause eye damage and this can be easily avoided simply by sliding on a pair of sunnies.

Remember: Too much of the sun’s UV radiation can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer.Infants and toddlers up to four years of age are particularly vulnerable to UV damage due to lower levels of melanin and a thinner stratumcorneum (the outermost layer of skin). UV damage accumulated during childhood andadolescence is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer later in life. To protect yourself and your little ones simply follow the guidelines above which are also highly recommended by Cancer Council Australia.

Have a sun safe and wonderful summer ahead!!

Miss Vinita

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