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School Readiness

Knowing that your child is starting their official schooling can be a daunting time. As with many things, preparation is the key to success. In the Geckos room (our school readiness room) the children spend the year building the skills to help them with their transition to prep. For some children all they have known is their childcare centre, for some this year before prep may be their first experience of care outside of the home.

As much as literacy and numeracy are important factors of learning and development, there are many more important areas to focus on and develop that help children with their transition to school. Some of these areas are:

- emotional well-being such as ability to regulate emotions

- Interacting with other children

- Decision making skills

- Self help skills Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

- Higher order thinking and reasoning skills

- Sensory processing skills- school is bigger and louder than many environments children have been in and can be daunting for some

- Comprehension and ability to follow directions

These skills are necessary for children to be able to cope with school and be able to focus on other areas of development like literacy and numeracy.

We work on these skills and many more throughout the day however you can also help your child at home with all of these skills.

- Reading books to develop language and comprehension skills

- Encourage social skills by introducing your child to other child they are not familiar with

- Raise your expectations of what your child is capable of doing- dressing themselves, packing and unpacking bag, helping choose clothes, age appropriate chores can help with self help and a sense of belonging and confidence

- Routines and transitions are a big part of school and you can do these at home also with visual clues while children can’t read, allowing children to become used to change.

Preparing children for school will set them off on a flying start and allow them to enjoy school rather than be scared of it. Discuss school with your children, ask them questions about their concerns for school and children will feel your support. This is a big step for the parents but an even bigger step for the child.

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