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Breakfast Ideas

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Welcome to the Rainbow Corner Childcare blog, I'm Kate the kindergarten teacher here at Rainbow we hope you enjoy reading our helpful tips and ideas.

It can be hard to get a proper breakfast into children in the mornings, in fact this can be a struggle for some adults too (myself included!). The work/school rush, sleepy children or ones who just don’t want to move faster than a snail in the morning can mean that many just skip this meal and wait for morning tea. Doing this can affect a child’s health in more ways than one. Skipping breakfast can have your child feeling tired and lethargic, they can become restless and irritable. All of these can have an effect on your child’s learning and day in general.

I know myself that I have often skipped breakfast and then felt horrible by 9am, as an adult I can realise that this feeling is a result of not eating but to a child they are unaware of why they are feeling this way, and this can cause more stress and anxiety to the child.

I don’t think there are many parents who can provide a buffet breakfast for their child on a weekday morning. I know I can’t, so in order for my kids to have a breakfast that will fill them, give them energy to last and also is quick for me to prepare and clean up I do a breakfast smoothie. You can call it a milkshake if this means your child will drink it.

Breakfast Smoothie


- Banana frozen pieces

- Blueberries frozen

- Dash of honey

- ¼ cup of rolled oats

- Small ice block size of frozen spinach (trust me they won’t taste it)

- Milk how much depends on how thick or runny you like it


Blend all of the above ingredients in a food processor until you have the consistency you like or know the kids will be happy with.

*so many different things can be added- mango, strawberries, kale.

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