Core Values

Our approach

At Rainbow Corner, your child will be able to enjoy a challenging and stimulating play-based education and care program.

This will be led by qualified early childhood educators, who will develop a nurturing relationship with your child and a positive partnership with you.

Our centre

The centre is clean, bright and spacious, offering an exciting assortment of resources. Meanwhile, the outdoor playground is beautifully shaded, with lovely trees and shade sails. 

It is also surrounded by a high timber fence for extra safety and peace of mind.

In relation to children

  • We value all children

  • We recognise every child’s individual potential

  • We believe in providing a safe, secure and loving environment

  • We believe each child is unique and develops at their own pace 

  • We believe in the importance of meeting the needs, abilities and interests of the child, encompassing social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical and creative development

  • We aim to provide child-centered learning experiences, which are challenging, developmentally appropriate and fun

  • We believe in treating all children equally and with respect to their age, culture and background

  • We believe in enhancing each child’s autonomy, self-worth and self-esteem

  • We recognise the importance of being sensitive to a child’s feelings, encouraging free expression in an acceptable manner

  • We believe in abiding by the relevant laws and policies relating to the provision of quality child care services

In relation to families

  • We believe families must feel secure in the environment where their child are being cared for

  • We believe in developing the important link between home and centre, working in partnership with parents

  • We believe in the importance of parents participating and value their contributions, whether verbal or written

  • We believe in supporting families and the community at large

  • We believe in maintaining the confidentiality of each and every family

  • We believe in developing mutual trust between parents and carers.

In relation to staff and the centre

  • We believe in the importance of staff collaborating and being supportive of each other

  • We believe in supporting and assisting staff in their professional development

  • We believe in basing our programs and interactions on the best theoretical and practical knowledge of early childhood education

  • We believe in offering a supportive environment and the highest quality care

  • We believe in being flexible in our routines and interactions

  • We believe in the need to be understanding, patient, caring and warm

  • We believe in providing a safe, healthy and hygienic environment

  • We believe in meeting the nutritional needs and requirements of each child

  • We recognise and value the importance of the early childhood years

  • We recognise each age group is different and aim to cater appropriately in our programs




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